Services I happily pay for

I use a whole lot of different service. Some are free, some require a one time only payment and some have subscription models. Today I want to talk about the latter. So let’s see which services I use and what they do.

CodePen Pro (

CodePen is a code playground. You can show off your skills or just try something very quickly. You get three textareas, one for HTML, one for CSS and another one for Javascript. And you always see the results updating live in a fourth box. I often use it to isolate problems I have while developing whole sites. This helps me getting to the underlying problem and thus solving it. But it’s also great to present something you did or just get inspired and see what others are doing. I just love it and use it almost every day.

GitHub (

I probably don’t have to say much about GitHub. You can host your git repositories there, privately which I happily pay for, or just use the free plan and open source your code and work together with others. We all love GitHub, right?

Spotify (

A few bucks a month and I get access to – what feels like – all the music the world has to offer. Couldn’t imagine living without Spotify – or Rdio, which is basically the same. Other than that I often go to Soundcloud to listen to music.

IRCCloud (

After not using IRC for a few years, I’m back and it’s better than ever. IRCCloud makes sure I’m always online and thus I don’t miss anything in my favourite channels. I use the IRCCloud website as a fluid app on the Mac, which works really great and there is also an iOS app if I’m on the go.

Feedbin (

Many claim that RSS is dead. And while I’m definitely don’t use it as much as I used to, I still like it and after the Shutdown of Google Read, Feedbin is my new home. A lot of apps are able to sync with it, but I mainly use the website which has a nice, clean interface and is blazing fast.

Typekit (

Currently I use Typekit for serving webfonts to this blog. There are good alternatives out there but Typekit was the first I took notice of and I stuck with it. But I have to say that I often look at the fast growing Google webfonts library and also love the fonts by H&FJ. So while I’m content at the moment, I might switch some day.

Which services do you use and are happily paying for?

Viewport Meta Tag: Minimal-UI

With the introduction of iOS 7.1 Safari understands a new viewport meta tag which automatically reduces the mobile Safari ui to a minimum. I think it’s a great addition and hope other browsers will support it in the future, too.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, minimal-ui">

Here is my blog before and after adding minimal-ui:


Hint: As a user you can get the menu bar back by tapping on the url.

Update: I wrote a follow up post explaining why minimal-ui might not be such a good idea.


Otis Taylor – Live Your Life (Nico Pusch Bootleg Remix)


Anonymous asks: How does your desktop look right now?

Screenshot 2014-03-11 19.00.05

You’ve got something you want to know? Ask me anything!

Anonym gefragt: Wo liegt dein Placescore Punkterekord?

Mein Placescore Punkterekord liegt bei mageren 315 Punkten. Ich weiß nicht was es ist, aber ich bin einfach nicht sonderlich gut in unserem Spiel. Ich bin schlichtweg zu langsam die Möglichkeiten zu erkennen. Ist natürlich etwas blöd, aber vielleicht gibt’s dafür bald eine Lösung.

Jeder, der sich mit Twitter angemeldet hat, kann übrigens hier den persönlichen Highscore herausfinden:

Du hast auch eine Frage, die du gerne loswerden möchtest?
Hier kannst du sie stellen.


Weekly Recap

Hey everyone, I already told you about the new Editor by GitHub: Atom. It’s an invite only beta at the moment, but I got two more invites to give away. It’s currently Mac only, keep that in mind. So if you want one of the invites, just write a comment. First come, first serve. And now: Happy reading.



On Tuesday, March 4th, Marcel, Florian, Philipp and me finally released Placescore. If you haven’t heard of it, here it is in a nutshell:

Placescore is an iPhone app that let’s you conquer places. You do that by playing a simple game in which you have to bring three dots of the same color together to score points. If you score more points than the owner of the place, it’s yours. It’s that simple and it’s addictive.

The past few days were just amazing. There are already over 3.000 players who have played over 100.000 games. This is incredible and more than we hoped for. Thank you so much for playing Placescore and telling your friends about it. We have some cool things in store for the future and hope you stay with us. Keep playing. #plopp

Placescore on the App Store