Wir nähern uns langsam dem Ende. Tag 5 stand ganz im Zeichen einer Wanderung auf den Brocken.


Weekly Recap

It’s sunday again already. Most of the past week I was on vacation and followed the web community only a little. Let’s see what we’ve got:

Day 4 of our vacation in the Harz Mountains last year.

wolf_20131015_001 wolf_20131015_003 wolf_20131015_008 Weitergucken…

Weekly Recap

Happy Easter everyone! It was a slow week for me and thus it’s the shortest list since starting the Weekly Recap series, I apologise. Nevertheless, enjoy the links and don’t forget so spend some time with your family. Cheers!

Enjoy the photos of day 3 of our vacation in the Harz Mountains.

wolf_20131014_001 wolf_20131014_003 wolf_20131014_009 wolf_20131014_015 wolf_20131014_016 Weitergucken…