Fotoblog: Lifeguard girl

Lifeguard girl (ins Bild klicken für Ansicht bei Flickr)

Story of the image:

Last Sunday I again was in the citypark of Hamburg. It was very hot and lots of people were out there. For me personally, too much. So I didn’t get in the mood of doing good photography. I was on my way home, arguing with myself ‚cause of not taking any good picture, as I saw this scenery here. I then thought, hey, this could be my photo of the day. So, NEVER give up, always look around you, everywhere is a good picture. It’s on you to find it. And take your time, don’t hurry.


Post-processing was a lot of fun. I did some general adjustments and then thought of b/w. Did some selective adjustements on b/w layers, added some old-skool-film-grain and a very slight vignette. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Technical details: Canon EOS 350D | Canon 70-200 f/4L USM | f/4,0 | 1/1250 sec. | 70 mm | ISO 100


  1. Ich weiß nicht wie sie aussieht. Habe sie nicht von vorne sehen können. Ich stand nirgends drauf. Hinter diesem Badesee war es einfach so hoch, dass man direkt auf Höhe dieses „Ausgucks“ war. :thumbup:

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