Fotoblog: Enjoy the day

Enjoy the day (ins Bild klicken für Ansicht bei Flickr) (hier klicken für große Ansicht bei Flickr)

Story of the image:

Since end of May this photo waited to be post-processed. Now I’ve done it. And I’m really really happy with the result. It’s the third photo of this photowalk which I publish. Was a good day. =)


Merged together to RAW files. One for the sky and some darker parts and one for the green and lighter parts. Did some leveladjustments as well as selective dodging and burning. At the end I added a slight vignette. I love vignettes! =)

Technical details:

Canon EOS 350D | Canon 18-55 f/1:3,5-5,6 | f/5,6 | 18 mm | ISO 100