Apple hat den Todesstern nachgebaut

Cult of Mac:

You know the new default Lion wallpaper of the Andromeda Galaxy? It’s a heavily photoshopped version of this Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Na und? Es geht hier doch nicht um eine exakte Darstellung der Realität, sondern um einen möglichst schönen Desktophintergrund. Besonderes dieses Statement von David Kaplan ist doch lächerlich:

Apple has once again altered the Universe according to their whim. They moved/removed many stars, and got rid of a whole galaxy.

Cult of Mac:

Kaplan’s not entirely sure if the M110 galaxy is still visible since he last looked, but suspects it would be. I think he underestimates Apple. You wanted to know what they’re using their cash hoard for? Two words: Death Star.