Zack Arias wechselt komplett zu Canon und die Welt dreht sich weiter.

Zack Arias:

This year I’m simplifying, updating, and stream lining everything I do. My camera bag has been a hacked together bag of stuff for long enough and it was time to commit to one system or the other. I thought long and hard about this for months and decided all the Nikon gear had to go aside from my original D100 and 35mm f2 lens. I was going full on Canon and I was going to build the exact kit that I wanted to have.

Langer und sehr interessanter Artikel wieso Zack Arias sich für Canon statt Nikon entschieden hat, was er vorher hatte und was und wieso er jetzt in seine Tasche packt. Lesebefehl!

Ganz nebenbei hat er mich letztendlich davon überzeugt, dass ich beim nächsten DSLR-Kamerakauf auf Nikon umsteigen werde.

If I was a full time wedding shooter I might reconsider and go with a VR lens. Yes, I said that correctly. VR is Nikon’s name badge. Because if I was a full time wedding shooter I’d be Nikon. Have I said that enough?