Chase Jarvis LIVE: Best Business Advice Ever for Artists by Ramit Sethi

Chase Jarvis:

Among other things, we will discuss: _Specific techniques to negotiate with your clients _Concrete strategies to help you earn more money per job, shoot, photo, etc _How to –in very specific terms– illustrate the value of your creative work to your clients _When to work for free (or cheap) and when NOT to _How these principles can guide so many other parts of your life _and a metric tonne more…

Heute Abend um 20 Uhr ist es mal wieder Zeit für Chase Jarvis LIVE. Scheint für alle interessant zu werden, die mehr als nur Hobbyfotograf sein wollen. Zu Gast bei Chase ist Ramit Sethi, NYT-Bestseller-Autor von „I Will Teach You To Be Rich„.