Dublins verstoßene und misshandelte Pferde, fotografiert von Gianpaolo La Paglia

Gianpaolo La Pagila:

If the real estate and debt disaster in Ireland have filled the front pages of the most important news papers around the world, another unexpected consequence of the economic recession is the abandonment of horses. During Ireland’s boom years, indeed, thousands of people bought horses as a status symbol but since incomes have been reducing, a lot of horses are being abandoned on public land. Their upkeep, nowadays, costs around €30 and more per day, too much for people who are losing their jobs.

Erschütternde und traurige Fakten, die Gianpaolo perfekt in Fotografien voller Leid umsetzt, die es schaffen mich persönlich emotional mitzunehmen. Starke Arbeiten. Eine Slideshow aller Fotos gibt’s hier.