Kefyn Moss schiesst Panoramen mit der Leica M9

Kefyn Moss:

So is the M9 the best tool for stitched panoramas? Definitely not, as the frame-lines are not accurate enough for me to take sequences without building in more overlap error protection than I would normally use, increasing the time to take them, which is critical when the light is changing rapidly and already a limitation with that pitiful RAW buffer and slow write speed. But the low distortion lenses of small physical size and relatively simple design, the portability of the camera and system and the designers of stitching software all contribute to making it a usable tool for stitched panoramas and, as they are not the only photos I take, I am more than satisfied with the results. I hope you are too, but constructive criticism is welcome.

Man liest ja fast immer nur von Menschen die Reportage-/Dokumentar- oder Streetfotografie machen und die M9 für sich entdecken. Es ist spannend auch mal einen Erfahrungsbericht von jemandem aus einem ganz anderen Genre zu lesen. Hier geht’s um Reise-/Panoramafotografie.