More ways to go Pro

flickr Blog:

Today we’re happy to announce some Pro pricing changes to make it even better:
  • For people who would rather pay in smaller increments we’re introducing an option to buy Pro 3 months at a time for $6.95.
  • We’re also dropping the price of a 2 year subscription to $44.95 (a savings of $10.95 off the 3 months at a time price).
Lastly, we’re also moving to a subscription model where Pro accounts will automatically renew. When your Pro account is near expiration, you’ll receive a reminder from us before it renews and you’ll of course have the option to cancel at anytime.

Flickr schraubt etwas an den Abomöglichkeiten des Pro Accounts. Ich fühle mich dort übrigens nach meinem Wiedereinstieg noch immer recht wohl – mit Pro Account.