The Fuji X-Pro 1 Digital Camera Review by Steve Huff

Steve Huff:

Basically the Fuji X-Pro 1 is a camera capable of putting out SUPERB IMAGE QUALITY. To many, this is all they need to hear. When you nail it you will be rewarded with beautiful color, depth and sharpness. The 35 1.4 lens is THE lens to get so if you do order the body, make sure you order this lens with it. JUST BE AWARE that in LOW LIGHT, as in indoors or outside even that the focus will hunt some and occasionally NOT lock on. I feel Fuji will be able to improve this with a Firmware update just as they did with the X100, which users are reporting is now MUCH faster and MUCH more accurate. In fact, I am confident Fuji will do this. You can also turn on the AF assist which helps lock focus quicker. Also, keeping the power save mode to OFF is said to increase AF speed, which I confirmed does indeed do so.

Super langes und ausführliches Review der Fuji X-Pro 1 von Steve Huff. Solltet ihr überlegen eine X-Pro 1 zukaufen. Lest unbedingt vorher dieses Review damit ihr Bescheid wisst mit welchen Stärken und Schwächen ihr zu rechnen habt.
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