Diablo® III Open Beta Weekend


We’re pleased to announce the Diablo III open beta weekend, which offers open access to all players with a valid Battle.net account! Beginning this Friday everyone is invited to log in and help us put the game and servers through their paces in this three day stress test as we march toward the game’s release on May 15. You can begin downloading the Diablo III client right now!

From Friday, April 20 at 12:01 p.m. PDT (noon), until Monday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. PDT you’ll be able to log in, team up with friends, and play each of the five heroic classes to level 13 as you fight to save the world from the impending demonic invasion.

Wowowowowowowow. I’m on the road on the weekend, so I am not able to play, but I’m really looking forward to Diablo III. We’ve all waited long enough.


  1. Having played Diablo 3, I can’t go back to [Diablo 2]. I can tollaty empathize. Having played Diablo 2, trying to play Diablo 1 (where you slowly waddle everywhere because running is not possible) is just hard.Granted, I have been playing D1 for a couple weeks now, but I had to get hit by a nostalgic fever something fierce to be able to tolerate walking everywhere. Then again, I’ve mostly been playing a Sorcerer, and Teleport makes life easier.Also, the comments on how public chat is to the community sort of like ambient sounds are to the game is insightful. I spent most of the past decade avoiding the chat channels, but every so often I would wander into some sort of channel (like this one that often had a trivia bot going) and just hang out for a while, shooting the breeze. Having that sense of camaraderie feeling like you are not just playing a game by yourself or with your immediate friends, but rather you are entering a larger world populated by thousands of people you would otherwise never interact with it lends to a social appeal to the game. (Take that social appeal to the extreme, and I start to understand why some people are drawn to MMORPGs.)Excellent podcast, but I still want a video better explaining the (flawed) skill UI and how skills are chosen with/without runes.

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