Switching to English

Yesterday with the publication of the „The Next Web“ article about QUOTE.fm I had two realisations. First of all, time differences suck and second, different languages are bullshit. They lead to unnecessary barriers. If everybody would speak one language things would be a whole lot easier.

I thought about switching to english a lot the last few weeks or maybe months. I link a lot to english writing blogs and post recommendations with english comments on QUOTE.fm. Not once anyone complained. The analytics numbers also didn’t drop, so I guess my readers are cool with that.
The majority of articles I read are written in english, I listen to english speaking podcasts and often my thinking happens in english phrases, which is kind of crazy. So it seems pretty clear which way to go.

From today on going forward I will switch to english for one month[1. There will be one interview in german, which I’m currently putting together.]. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe it sucks, maybe not. I hope my english skills will get better over time. Thinking about it will definitely not help anyone. So I’ll just give it a try and after the month I’ll decide if I want to stay with english or switch back to german.