Fujifilm X-Pro1 @ Madison Square Garden

Brandon Remler:

The beauty of the X-Pro1 here is that its low profile yet high quality allowed me to shoot unfettered since nobody really takes notice of you with a small retro style camera.  But as we know the images that the camera produces are amazing!I shot most of the action shots at ISO 1600.  I did change occasionally from ISO 1000-2000 for all the images.  Click to enlarge them.  Exposures varied but safe to assume many at 1/250 with apertures F/1.6 – 2.2.

Brandon shot a concert with the X-Pro 1. The ISO Performance and overall image quality of the camera really are amazing. And since Brandon only shot JPGs the images could have been even better if he had shot in RAW.
The combination of size and quality really is the strength of the X-Pro 1.