QUOTE.fm Read WIP Demo #2

Not to long ago I showed you the status of my work on QUOTE.fm Read. I also said I wanted to show you my progress along the way. So today I have a pretty nice update for you, I think. And yes, in the meantime I also did some other things.

So let’s get started with what’s new. The comments are finished and look mostly like the ones you already know from QUOTE.fm.
Furthermore I replaced the standard OS scrollbars in the social reading mode with JavaScript scrollbars. They look and behave almost exactly like the ones you might know from Mac OS X Lion. They looks nice and if you don’t need them they are simply out of your way.
Today I started working on the functioning of the customize buttons. You now can change the font size, line height and width of the text. Up next are the fonts and color themes.

Have a look, click a few buttons, resize the browser and so on and let me know what you think. However, I have to say that everything is work in progress and only tested in Safari and roughly Firefox.

Start QUOTE.fm Read Demo.