Why My iPad Is Not My Laptop

John Carey:

As it stands, the iPad is amazing. I use it every single day for writing, browsing the news, sketching ideas, and reading though email or tech riders and I love every minute of it. It f complements my daily life and on days when I don’t need to get any real work done, I leave my laptop at home. But when it comes to honest creative work I can not help but find the iPad as little more than a sidekick. I can say with certainty though, that this is far from the last word on this. I can clearly see a future where touch screen devices such as the iPad become more and more viable for the kind of things I have discussed here today. It is still new territory being explored and I for one can not wait to see where it takes us.

Shawn Blanc and some other writers on the web praised the iPad as their „new laptop“ and stated that it is capable of functioning as their main device for getting work done on the road.
John Carey speaks up and I think he is absolutely right. The iPad is great for many things and maybe even a great working device for a writer, but for a lot of creatives like designers or developers it really is not able to replace a laptop, not even on the road. For me the perfect device for working while travelling would be a MacBook Air which, I think, will be my next main Computer. Still, I love the new iPad for all it is good at. But not for coding.