The indentation of lines

Today I have a question for you guys which bothers me every time I set up a new code editor. Recently it was Coda 2. As I always do when I get a new app I looked at all preferences, just to get an overview of the possibilities.

I stopped at ‚Tab Width: 4 – Use spaces instead of tabs‘, thought about it and didn’t check it. Until today I always used tabs to indent lines. I thought it was clearly the better way because it’s just one key stroke to delete an indentation. But since there is that option I wonder what the advantage is and how you handle indentation of lines?

Update: As it turns out in the comments, using spaces is the better way. A good editor (like Coda 2 or Espresso 2) will delete tab generated spaces with one key stroke. Going with spaces you also make your code future proof, backwards compatible and perfectly readable on every OS. Now I think this should be standard in every code editor. Do you hear me, Panic?