Workplace experiments: A month to yourself

Jason Fried:

This June will be a full month of free time to think, explore, mock up, prototype, whatever. People can go solo or put together a team – it’s entirely up to them. This is a month to unwind and create without the external pressures of other ongoing projects or expectations. We’re effectively taking a month off from non-essential scheduled/assigned work to see what we can do with no schedule/assignments whatsoever.

That’s so cool and I think it’ll work out great for them.
On the one hand more companies should do things like that, but on the other hand only a few are able to put down their day to day work for one month and still be reasonable profitable, I think.


  1. What you think: Exactly the problem. My company could NEVER just go and give us one Month to ourselves. It would be amazing though, to see what everyone of us might come up with.

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