Heat and fan noise from the Retina MacBook Pro

Marco Arment:

Effectively, heat and fan volume are the same as the previous model, but the fan noise has a less irritating tone. If the previous 15” MacBook Pro design was too hot or loud for your preferences, the Retina model probably will be, too.

Here it goes: I will not buy the new Retina MacBook Pro.


  1. I think it would be ridiculous to pay > 2000€ for a new notebook to reduce heat/noise which occurs while working on high performance applications, while the existing one is working properly. Think about the environmental impact behind it. Use existing stuff until it breaks or change it only if it is unavoidable.

  2. Das es warm wird hab ich auf bei TheVerge gelesen, allerdings soll es ja nach den neuen Werbespot leise sein und in Testberichten (bis auf diesen) hab ich nix gegenteiliges gehört.

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