Fehmarn – Day 3

Yesterday we took our first tour with the rented bikes. We cycled 36km, so we saw enough to photograph. I don’t want to annoy my brother too much with stoping to take photos so I often took photos while riding the bike. I survided and two of the photos actually made it into this blog post.

The Fuji X100 is my constant companion. I’m once more impressed by it’s image quality and lightness. It’s a joy to photograph with if you know it’s flaws and how to work around them. I think it’s a camera with a soul and heart with an own volition. I love it.

Also a great companion on this trip as well as on our trip to italy is my Lowepro Passport Sling bag. Small but with an option to make it 30% bigger when you need it, light and easily customizable. At the moment I pass the inner, padded part and just throw the X100 and my other stuff in there. Really recommended.

Now let’s get to the photos which I hope you’ll enjoy. Have a nice evening.