Testing the Lumix G5 on Sylt

Last week Panasonic invited me and a bunch of others to Sylt to test the new Panasonic Lumix G5. In on it were Stefan Groenveld, Torsten Muehlbacher, Michael Kirchner, Felix Meyer, Marcel Wichmann, Manfred Huszar and Christoph Boecken.

As last year on Mallorca, where we layed our hands on the G3, it was a lot of fun and perfectly organized by JDB – thanks to Catie.
We had two days packed with sun, rain, wind and a lot of activities. Thank you Panasonic!

I have to say I like Sylt and would like to go back there to photograph more of the landscape and the people. It’s an interesting mix.

Short review of the Lumix G5

The Lumix G5 is a really good camera in it’s market. It sits perfectly in my rather small hands and after knowing the Lumix G3 I was really quickly comfortable using it. The AF is fast and the electronic shutter is completely silent. That makes this camera perfect for shooting completely unnoticed. Combined with the brilliant 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens it’s a small, light and very fast camera.
I can’t say much about the image quality because I’m not able to process the RAW files, yet. The JPGs look good, though.

If you are in the game of buying a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, definitely have a closer look at this one.

Shooting square format right out of the camera is what I really like and what my X100 isn’t able to do. So I took the opportunity and only shot squares on Sylt.

But now let’s look at some images I shot with it on the first day. I will post photos from day two in a separate entry. As I said these are JPGs, processed in Lightroom.