‚Hunters‘ – A photography art book by David Chancellor

Yesterday I discovered the work of David Chancellor, especially his project on „the complex relationship that man has with animal in sub Saharan Africa, seen through the eyes of the tourist trophy hunter“. The documentary work is amazing and the topic very interesting.
So far the project was completely self funded by David. To print a limited edition of 2000 copies in cooperation with an dutch fine art publisher he needs the support of the photographic community. So I pledged $75 what will get me a signed 1st edition book as soon as it’s published. What hopefully will be in October.

Go on, watch the video below and support this great project.


  1. Dear Martin, I work at Institute and represent David Chancellor. Thank you for supporting David’s project and for sharing it, your support is appreciated. Your going to love the book, it’s really beautiful. Please feel free to connect with Institute on facebook if you would like to receive regular updates of the work we do.

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