Some thoughts on the Leica M10 rumors

So in the last few weeks some rumors about the Leica M10 came up, which might be presented at Photokina next month. At the moment I don’t plan to go to Cologone, but this camera is making it a hard decision. I’d love to have a look at and through the finder of this camera.

The last part is especially interesting, because the Leica M10 is rumored to sport an electronic viewfinder. As you might know I don’t like EVFs. My distaste for these kind of viewfinders has lessen in the last year but I still have a problem with them.
But my personal preference aside, I don’t think this is going to happen and if, I think this will hurt Leica and the sales of the M10 in a big way. I can’t imagine how an EVF will fit into the Leica philosophy of simple and robust products.
But maybe they revolutionized the EVF, who knows…

Since I tested the M9 last year I want to have one. I’m sure I’m not the only one and a lot of people are looking forward to the release of the M10, not because of the M10 itself, but because they hope the used prices drop. If the M10 has an EVF I predict that this won’t happen because it’s the last true (digital) Leica M camera. Sorry guys.

The M10 could be available in March next year. I’m really curious to see what Leica has in store for us in September at Photokina.