Ben Callahan:

This repo is an experiment in responsive retrofitting. It’s a positive response to more negative (but still much needed) critiques of the mobile web like Brad Frost’s WTF Mobile Web.

This is fun. So what this little bookmarklet does is, it injects a meta tag in the head of website and applies a css file if one exists for the current page which makes the site responsive. At the moment there are only a few stylesheets but anybody can contribute to the project.

Some time ago I started making responsive because I couldn’t and still can’t understand why John hasn’t done it yet. This isn’t necessary anymore, Ben did it.

Yeah, this project won’t make the web responsive and you always have to click the bookmarklet in order to make the site you are looking at behave bette, but it’s a nice way to practice your responsive development skills and after you did it you could tell the site owner about it and mybe he’ll implement the CSS.

Responsive Websites are the future and it’s good to raise attention for that.