Early Bird

My whole life it was much easier for me to wake up early than to stay up really late. As a school kid that has proven rather useful. But I always thought that it was some kind of weird. All my friends were up till late at night and hated the mornings. Ever slept at a friends house and woke up hours before the other did? Probably not, but I did. Boooooring.

At weekends I often got up early on a sunday to do my homework. I just was more productive then and it felt great to have breakfast with my family and seeing the whole day before me without anything I had to do because I already did all my work in the early morning.

As I discovered photography I was really into landscape photography, so I often got up early in the morning to photograph the sunrise or get photos of fog and dew. I really enjoyed being out there in the nature all alone.

Wherever you go in the early morning, it’s most likely that it’s much quieter than a few hours later. I always liked that.
As I was a kid we almost always did camping holidays with a caravan. Getting up early and riding my bike around the campground was great.

The last few years I always tried to fight getting up early and going to bed not that late. I thought it was just wrong, but it turns out I was just wrong. Today I woke up at 6:30 and just went for a run. It felt great. I even did it without music so I could just enjoy the silence and think about a few things. And I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.

I now realize that there is no point in fighting my circadian rhythm. I don’t have to be like most people, I can just be myself and make the most of it.

I’m an early bird and that’s great.