CSS-Tricks v10

Chris Coyier:

When I struck off on my own, I knew I wanted to make a go at making CSS-Tricks more of a full time gig. Right away, redesigning the site toward that goal seemed like a good idea. But why do that hidden away in my room? I love the idea of working in public and that’s exactly the kind of work CSS-Tricks is made from. So I thought I’d turn on my microphone and screencast the whole process. Then I’d make those videos available to purchase or subscribe to. To validate it was a good idea, I put up a Kickstarter.

It went pretty well :)

So there it is, the newly redesigned CSS-Tricks.com. I honestly have to say that it’s not necessarily my style of design, but that’s okay. It shows what is possible with CSS and has a lot of little details and things to discover. So it’s truly a CSS-Trick. Great work Chris!
Because I backed his Kickstarter project I have access to „the Lodge“, which means I can watch how Chris build this whole site. He recorded over 150 screencasts, which is pretty awesome. I already watch the first five and am looking forward to the ones with cool Front End stuff.

Watching these screencasts makes me wanting to do screencasts myself again. But this time about coding instead of photography. Maybe I’ll try it some time in the future.