Basecamp for mobile

Jason Z. for 37signals:

Today we’re announcing mobile web because it’s the right thing to do. Devices and platforms will come and go, but the web browser is here to stay. Does this mean there will never be native apps? Of course not, this isn’t our final word on mobile.

A few days ago I saw the mobile version of Basecamp on my iPhone for the first time and was really impressed.
Everything fits and it’s really fast – perfect for looking up something on the go while riding the subway.

Today the guys are announcing it officially and they even made their whole Basecamp Project public so that you can see how they’re using their own product.

The mobile Basecamp isn’t a responsive design, they build it completely new and while I’m a big advocate of responsive websites I think that was the right call because it makes the experience so much faster. More on that topic in the linked announcement post by Jason.