Book recommendation: Rework

A few days ago I finished reading Rework, the slightly different business book by the founders of 37signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

On the cover there is a quote by Seth Godin that says „Ignore this book at your own peril“ and I can only agree.

Everybody who runs a company or — like me — is trying to build up a successful company should read this book. It’s full of little tidbits and advice.

The book is separated into twelve chapters:
First, Takedowns, Go, Progress, Productivity, Competitors, Evolution, Promotion, Hiring, Damage Control, Culture and the Conclusion.

That sounds like a long book about boring topics but it really isn’t. The chapters are short and on point. I almost always was able to highlight one sentence in every section that summarized it for me.

On the one hand I learned a lot and on the other I realized that we at are doing a lot of things the „right“ way by just trusting our gut feeling and being ourselves. That feels really good.

So I truly recommend reading Rework. Have fun!