Revealing the Truth in Unforgettable Images

Severin Koller:

I don’t think I’m looking for certain things. It is more the other way around, that something grabs my attention. There are times when my senses are totally focused on what’s going on around me, like someone just put me on a drug that intensifies everything. When I’m in that mode, many photos happen instinctively. Looking at my scans, in most cases I remember why I took a photo, even if I had no time to think about it when I shot it. I guess that instinct is simply an honest way of photographing strangers. I try not to judge people by taking their photo or compromising anyone’s privacy. I’m simply interested in life on the street.

Das Interview ist zwar nicht gerade druckfrisch, aber nach wie vor sehr gut.
Wenn ihr noch mehr über Severin lesen wollt, habe ich da noch ein Interview für euch, das ich mit ihm führte.