Observational Photographer

Throughout the years, a certain thematic “sameness” has permeated the “street” genre — the inevitable result of its own incestuous definition. I have tremendous admiration for the many photographers whose vision was once so unique that it required the designation of a genre to define it. These photographers pushed the envelope of what was considered acceptable, but I don’t believe this same envelope need confine us in the future. Because street photography is defined by images of the past, it has the adverse effect of limiting photographers in the future.

For this reason, I actually prefer to think of myself, plus all those inspirational photographers of “other” subjects, as observational photographers. There’s a lot less baggage accompanying this term.

Auch ich habe zunehmend Probleme mit der Bezeichnung „Streetfotograf“ weil ich immer das Gefühl habe, dass entweder ich der Bezeichnung oder die Bezeichnung mir nicht gerecht wird.

via Roadkill :: ULTRAsomething photography.