Weekly Recap

This week the links are all on very different topics. Hope you like it.

  • A simple guide to responsive design.
    You are just getting started with responsive design and want an easy to understand introduction to some basic coding principles? Here you go, this is for you.

  • InstantClick
    This Javascript library preloads links you are about to click, more precisely when you hover over a link. There are even options for only preloading on mouse down so you don’t have to waste requests and still get a small performance boost. This is a pretty clever idea which will makes your site feel faster even if it isn’t.

  • Sublime Text Setup
    A simple starting guide to Sublime Text by Dave Rupert. Also lots of recommendations and tips in the comments.

  • Mediocre ideas, showing up, and persistence.
    Although this article by Chris Coyier is from last year, it’s good to revisit it once in a while. Now is this time.

  • Protecting Against Link Rot While Embracing the Future
    Making sure embedded content will always be accessible even if a service closes is a pretty good idea. Here is how you can do it with embedded CodePens. Even though we all hope we will never be without CodePen.

  • Parent selector: On has() and ^
    Hugo Giraudel explains the two possible syntax options for the upcoming CSS parent selector. I’m with him, by the way.

  • Multiple Simultaneous Ajax Requests (with one callback) in jQuery
    I’m still relatively new to Javascript, or jQuery, compared to HTML and CSS and am learning so much with every article I read on the topic. If you read this one, make also sure to read the comments, they provide an even simpler solution for the explained problem.

  • Harry Roberts on big CSS, working for Sky, and being a home bird
    Nice, short interview with Harry Roberts. Worth a read.