Espresso Soda Syntax Theme for Atom

As you might have heard GitHub is working on a Text Editor based on Web Technologies. It’s called Atom. They justed started the beta period and I managed to get an invite.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 18.11.25

It’s definitely inspired by Sublime Text which is perfect for me because I feel right at home and a lot of the shortcuts that are ingrained in my brain just work. So far the app runs smooth and I like it. Sure, there are issues and things missing, but it’s a Beta build after all. So I’m looking forward to it’s future. There are already some packages like Emmet or Zen Coding and Syntax Themes are starting to emerge. So I thought I should convert one of my favourite Themes, the Espresso Soda, over to Atom since it’s very easy to do with the converter tool GitHub provides.

If you have access to Atom and want to use the Espresso Soda Theme, you can find it here in the Atom Packages Library and my repo on GitHub.