Weekly Recap

Biggest news this week was probably GitHub working on a new text editor. The Atom Editor is currently in invite-only Beta. More on that one soon. Until then, have a nice sunday and enjoy the links.

  • Sharing Podcasts
    Dave Rupert explains what the Podcasting Community might need to advance.

  • Retrieve Twitter and Facebook Counts with JSONP
    A simple and easy to use solution by David Walsh for showing Twitter and Facebook Counts without their official Buttons.

  • Posting Code Blocks on a WordPress Site
    Chris Coyier walks you through everything you need to know about blogging about code with WordPress. Highly recommended.

  • Getting started with CSS sourcemaps and in-browser Sass editing
    This week I played around with Sass Sourcemaps and Chrome Workspaces and for some time only worked in Chrome. Editing, viewing, inspecting, saving, everything. No editor needed. It was pretty awesome and I’m curious to see where this is going. As far as I know Firefox also implemented Workspaces in a beta release.

  • Introducing Atom
    Big News this week. GitHub is working on a text editor based on web technologies and they started a invite-only Beta. I managed to get an invite and I like what I see so far.

  • Beyond Tellerrand Conference
    An awesome conference happening in May in Düsseldorf, Germany. Check out the speaker lineup and I’m sure you wanna go. I’ll be there and am looking forward to meeting you guys.