On Tuesday, March 4th, Marcel, Florian, Philipp and me finally released Placescore. If you haven’t heard of it, here it is in a nutshell:

Placescore is an iPhone app that let’s you conquer places. You do that by playing a simple game in which you have to bring three dots of the same color together to score points. If you score more points than the owner of the place, it’s yours. It’s that simple and it’s addictive.

The past few days were just amazing. There are already over 3.000 players who have played over 100.000 games. This is incredible and more than we hoped for. Thank you so much for playing Placescore and telling your friends about it. We have some cool things in store for the future and hope you stay with us. Keep playing. #plopp

Placescore on the App Store


  1. Wunderbares Spiel, freue mich sehr auf kommende Funktionen.

    Vorschläge: – Highscore-Liste: Für jeden (foursquare) Check-in eines eroberten Ortes einen Punkt bekommen. Damit durchmischt vielleicht nur der letzten 30 Tage. -Eigene Orte: Ãœbersicht der eroberten Orte.

    Vermutlich habt ihr ja bereits ähnliches für die Zukunft geplant :)

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