Weekly Recap

Hey everyone, I already told you about the new Editor by GitHub: Atom. It’s an invite only beta at the moment, but I got two more invites to give away. It’s currently Mac only, keep that in mind. So if you want one of the invites, just write a comment. First come, first serve. And now: Happy reading.

  • CSS Shake
    Not that I think this is very useful, but it’s definitely funny. (via)

  • New UI in Firefox Aurora
    Firefox Aurora came out in Version 29 and it sports a new UI, which I really like. (Aurora is even more beta than Firefox beta, but you can get an idea what is coming down the pipe.)

  • CodeKit 2 Release
    CodeKit 2 is here. If you are not a fan of the command line and thus don’t use things like Grunt.js, this is THE app for you.

  • MAMP 3
    And another update to a very useful and already great, if not very good looking, app. Haven’t tried the new version, but it sure looks like it’s a worthy update.

  • Just Do One Thing
    Good advice. Make small steps. Achieve small goals. Feel good and keep going. It’ll add up.

  • Improving the CSS performance of fixed position elements
    Handy trick to stop fixed positioned elements from repainting on scroll.

  • Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons
    Social Sharing Buttons are always a pain to implement responsively and responsibly. rrssb is here to help.