Weekly Recap

Hey fellow developers and who else might enjoy these lists. Welcome!
The feedback for the Weekly Recap has been great so far. That makes me really happy and keeps me going. This week is a particular good one, I think. That said, let’s not waste any more time and get right into it. Enjoy!

  • Device-Agnostic
    Building and designing websites these days is about more than just a fluid grid. There are so many things to consider which add up to really good web design and development. Screen sizes, touch capabilities, old browsers, slow connection speeds and more.

  • Responsive Web Design – Defining The Damn Thing
    Another attempt at trying to define Responsive Webdesign – by Mark Boulton.

  • Web 25
    This week the Web turned 25, isn’t that awesome? Happy Internet!

  • CSS-Tricks Redesign
    Chris Coyier redesigned the popular CSS-Tricks. He maintains the style of the site and takes it a step further. Responsive as we love it.

  • Multiline placeholder text
    Currently only working in webkit prefix supporting browsers, but a very clever idea.

  • The WhiteHat Aviatorâ„¢ Web Browser
    If you are very concerned about security and think your browser isn’t secure enough, Aviator might be for you.

  • Web Font Trends
    A nice overview of currently popular fonts on the web curated by Jenn Lukas.

  • Dedesign the Web
    A simple game in which you need to guess the website by only looking at a wireframe. I got 6 out of 12 right. Not very good, I guess.

  • Fluidity
    As the author of this site says, the web is almost 100% responsive out of the box. These 107 bytes of CSS fix the ‚almost‘ part. Go have a look at the code.

  • Sublime Text 3 is not dead
    Although I’m currently using Atom to see what it’s capable of, this is very good news.

  • Responsive Interview with Harry Roberts
    Interview with CSSWizard Harry Roberts on all things responsive.

  • Interview with Bryan Jones, creator of CodeKit
    Interview with Bryan Jones about CodeKit 2 and how it all started.

  • Why Mozilla’s mozjpeg project is a big deal
    You might have heard of Mozilla’s mozjpeg project and wondered why they don’t put all of their efforts into webp, here is why mozjpeg is actually a pretty awesome way to go.