Legion of Blood VS Tempest’s Eye – 26.09.2020

Last saturday I played a game with my Cities of Sigmar against my brother and his Legion of Blood. I tried out the Tempest’s Eye city allegiance for a change of pace from my normal Living City. I lost badly. 😄

The -1 to hit aura of Neferata was a strong hit against my core of 20 Sisters of the Watch and also the 20 Wildwood Rangers. On top of that I didn’t manage to get all the Wildwood Rangers (2 damage against monsters) into combat against the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon which meant they weren’t able to kill him, which in turn left my right flank very open.

My left flank went okay with a big block of 10 Wild Riders charging forward, but in the end they didn’t have the damage output to really punch through.