Book recommendation: Rework

A few days ago I finished reading Rework, the slightly different business book by the founders of 37signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

On the cover there is a quote by Seth Godin that says „Ignore this book at your own peril“ and I can only agree.

Everybody who runs a company or — like me — is trying to build up a successful company should read this book. It’s full of little tidbits and advice.

The book is separated into twelve chapters:
First, Takedowns, Go, Progress, Productivity, Competitors, Evolution, Promotion, Hiring, Damage Control, Culture and the Conclusion.

That sounds like a long book about boring topics but it really isn’t. The chapters are short and on point. I almost always was able to highlight one sentence in every section that summarized it for me.

On the one hand I learned a lot and on the other I realized that we at are doing a lot of things the „right“ way by just trusting our gut feeling and being ourselves. That feels really good.

So I truly recommend reading Rework. Have fun!

Website der Woche – KW 46

Photopreneur ist ein englischsprachiger Blog der sich mit dem Thema Geld verdienen mit dem Verkauf von Fotos und dem Weg vom Amateur zum Profi beschäftigt. Artikel wie „From Amateur Photographer to Professional Photographer in 4 Easy Steps„, „7 Signs That You Should be a Professional Photographer“ oder „52 Ways To Monetize Your Photos“ machen diesen Blog zu einem „must read“, wenn man sich für den Weg in die profesionelle Fotografie interessiert oder einfach nur ein paar Euros mit der Fotografie dazuverdienen möchte.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

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