July 20th 2012

Hamburg, July 20th 2012, Fuji X100

Sylt part II

As promised I’ve got some more photos from Sylt to share with you. As it turns out there will even be a third part with photos from the oyster farm we visited. I want to post them in a separate entry to not mix things up too much.

Throw a ball

I shot this photo last weekend as I took a walk around our office. It has no deep meaning or something like that, the scene just caught my attention and I like the result. I can’t tell why, it even is in portrait orientation which is quite unusual for me but it just worked better.

Hamburg Eimsbüttel, July 22nd 2012, Fuji X100.

Hyper Hyper

Hamburg Eimsbüttel, July 22nd 2012.

A single man and his bike

Captured in April 2012 while taking a walk in Altona, Hamburg.


Henning took this photo of me shooting a stone up close while the sun was going down over the sea.

And here is the result:

Fehmarn – Day 6

Yesterday the weather wasn’t as good as the previous days, but we were okay with that. We gave the rented bikes back, took a walk in the inner city of „Burg“, ate fish, saw the amazing Spider-Man, which we liked very much and at the end of the day ate ice cream.
Today the weather is even worse so I don’t know if there will be any more photos from Fehmarn, but I had a lot of fun shooting here and I like the series from yesterday very much although or even because there are no blue ocean shots.

Fehmarn – Day 5

Yesterday we only managed to ride about 22km. 11km in one direction and then the same distance back, but this time with adverse winds. It was awful. Anyway, I got some nice shots. See for yourself and leave a comment if you like.

Fehmarn – Day 4

Without further ado: