Weekly Recap

Hello everyone, feeling good today? You should, it’s Weekly Recap day! There was actually plenty of things going on the past week. Julia Ann Horvath talking about why she had to leave GitHub, an indiegogo campaign for implementing picture in Blink and much more. Enjoy!

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Services I happily pay for

I use a whole lot of different service. Some are free, some require a one time only payment and some have subscription models. Today I want to talk about the latter. So let’s see which services I use and what they do.

CodePen Pro (codepen.io)

CodePen is a code playground. You can show off your skills or just try something very quickly. You get three textareas, one for HTML, one for CSS and another one for Javascript. And you always see the results updating live in a fourth box. I often use it to isolate problems I have while developing whole sites. This helps me getting to the underlying problem and thus solving it. But it’s also great to present something you did or just get inspired and see what others are doing. I just love it and use it almost every day.

GitHub (github.com)

I probably don’t have to say much about GitHub. You can host your git repositories there, privately which I happily pay for, or just use the free plan and open source your code and work together with others. We all love GitHub, right?

Spotify (spotify.com)

A few bucks a month and I get access to – what feels like – all the music the world has to offer. Couldn’t imagine living without Spotify – or Rdio, which is basically the same. Other than that I often go to Soundcloud to listen to music.

IRCCloud (irccloud.com)

After not using IRC for a few years, I’m back and it’s better than ever. IRCCloud makes sure I’m always online and thus I don’t miss anything in my favourite channels. I use the IRCCloud website as a fluid app on the Mac, which works really great and there is also an iOS app if I’m on the go.

Feedbin (feedbin.com)

Many claim that RSS is dead. And while I’m definitely don’t use it as much as I used to, I still like it and after the Shutdown of Google Read, Feedbin is my new home. A lot of apps are able to sync with it, but I mainly use the website which has a nice, clean interface and is blazing fast.

Typekit (typekit.com)

Currently I use Typekit for serving webfonts to this blog. There are good alternatives out there but Typekit was the first I took notice of and I stuck with it. But I have to say that I often look at the fast growing Google webfonts library and also love the fonts by H&FJ. So while I’m content at the moment, I might switch some day.

Which services do you use and are happily paying for?

Weekly Recap

Biggest news this week was probably GitHub working on a new text editor. The Atom Editor is currently in invite-only Beta. More on that one soon. Until then, have a nice sunday and enjoy the links.

  • Sharing Podcasts
    Dave Rupert explains what the Podcasting Community might need to advance.

  • Retrieve Twitter and Facebook Counts with JSONP
    A simple and easy to use solution by David Walsh for showing Twitter and Facebook Counts without their official Buttons.

  • Posting Code Blocks on a WordPress Site
    Chris Coyier walks you through everything you need to know about blogging about code with WordPress. Highly recommended.

  • Getting started with CSS sourcemaps and in-browser Sass editing
    This week I played around with Sass Sourcemaps and Chrome Workspaces and for some time only worked in Chrome. Editing, viewing, inspecting, saving, everything. No editor needed. It was pretty awesome and I’m curious to see where this is going. As far as I know Firefox also implemented Workspaces in a beta release.

  • Introducing Atom
    Big News this week. GitHub is working on a text editor based on web technologies and they started a invite-only Beta. I managed to get an invite and I like what I see so far.

  • Beyond Tellerrand Conference
    An awesome conference happening in May in Düsseldorf, Germany. Check out the speaker lineup and I’m sure you wanna go. I’ll be there and am looking forward to meeting you guys.

Espresso Soda Syntax Theme for Atom

As you might have heard GitHub is working on a Text Editor based on Web Technologies. It’s called Atom. They justed started the beta period and I managed to get an invite.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 18.11.25

It’s definitely inspired by Sublime Text which is perfect for me because I feel right at home and a lot of the shortcuts that are ingrained in my brain just work. So far the app runs smooth and I like it. Sure, there are issues and things missing, but it’s a Beta build after all. So I’m looking forward to it’s future. There are already some packages like Emmet or Zen Coding and Syntax Themes are starting to emerge. So I thought I should convert one of my favourite Themes, the Espresso Soda, over to Atom since it’s very easy to do with the converter tool GitHub provides.

If you have access to Atom and want to use the Espresso Soda Theme, you can find it here in the Atom Packages Library and my repo on GitHub.

My first public GitHub repository

After using GitHub for QUOTE.fm for some weeks now and loving it, I decided it’s time to become more active publicly. So I just published my first repository. It’s really really small, more precisely it’s just one file. But I think it’s important to just start something. My first repo is a collection of SCSS Mixins I regularly use. I plan to always update the list when I need a new one in a project I work on.

Maybe you can benefit from this list and take what you need from it or you just import the whole file since by generating the final CSS the Mixins which aren’t used will be ignored anyway.

So, hello fellow GitHubbers!

Working at GitHub, a Reading List

I’m really interested in how other people and companies work. I like reading about their workflows and processes and am always looking to optimize my own workflow. In the last few weeks it became clear to me that what we are doing here at QUOTE.fm is actually building a company from the ground up, we’re not longer just individuals doing their own thing. We are in the position to define how we want to work as a team. That’s a great opportunity and also a great responsibility. It means trying things and always improving them.

I just finished reading a series of articles about how GitHub works. While I found that we here at QUOTE.fm innately are working a lot like the guys from San Francisco, I also got new input how we can improve.
So I encourage you to take some time and read the following stories.

Coda 2 LESS Syntax Highlighting

Paul Welsh:

Sytax Highlighting for LESS in Coda 2 (based on the CSS.mode supplied with Coda 2)

For Coda I had Syntax Highlighting for LESS because it didn’t recognize LESS as CSS and there are also some differences in the syntax itself. So here it is for Coda 2. Thanks Paul!

But I think in the future I’ll need the same for SASS.