QUOTE.fm Read and iPad App

After months of work we finally did it. Yesterday we introduced QUOTE.fm Read and with it QUOTE.fm for iPad.
I hope you like it as much as we do. So let’s start Social Reading together. Thank you so much for your support. <3

New Tumblr App

There it is, the all new tumblr App for iPhone and iPad. Looks pretty neat and works like a charm. If you use tumblr you’ll love this.

Reinventing the browser for tablets, Firefox Junior

I’m not just yet totally convinced at the moment, but it’s great so see that Mozilla is working on a fresh and new Firefox Version for the iPad.

Coda 2 and Diet Coda will be available on May 24th


We made Coda 2 better at everything.

So it can make you better at everything.

There is a short video to get a first impression, but I really can’t say anything until I’ve tried it myself. There will also be Diet Coda – Coda for iPad.

I’m really excited about this update. I was waiting for it a long time and I really hope it will pay off.

Why My iPad Is Not My Laptop

John Carey:

As it stands, the iPad is amazing. I use it every single day for writing, browsing the news, sketching ideas, and reading though email or tech riders and I love every minute of it. It f complements my daily life and on days when I don’t need to get any real work done, I leave my laptop at home. But when it comes to honest creative work I can not help but find the iPad as little more than a sidekick. I can say with certainty though, that this is far from the last word on this. I can clearly see a future where touch screen devices such as the iPad become more and more viable for the kind of things I have discussed here today. It is still new territory being explored and I for one can not wait to see where it takes us.

Shawn Blanc and some other writers on the web praised the iPad as their „new laptop“ and stated that it is capable of functioning as their main device for getting work done on the road.
John Carey speaks up and I think he is absolutely right. The iPad is great for many things and maybe even a great working device for a writer, but for a lot of creatives like designers or developers it really is not able to replace a laptop, not even on the road. For me the perfect device for working while travelling would be a MacBook Air which, I think, will be my next main Computer. Still, I love the new iPad for all it is good at. But not for coding.

Flickr introduces two new photo sizes and a new setting for Pro members

Flickr Blog:

The new sizes are available for all photos that you have uploaded since March 1st. For each photo we are generating the two new 2048 pixels and 1600 pixels sizes unless the uploaded image is smaller on the longer side. These new larger image sizes will make your photos look even more stunning on Flickr.

… and on the iPad.

Spotify for iPad

Spotify for iPad. Finally. Yeah!

Brydge + iPad: Do more.


Is it just us, or does it feel like the options for iPad keyboards and accessories are excessive in quantity, yet lacking in quality? This is why we created Brydge, which simply transforms your iPad into a laptop worthy of Apple. 

This idea of turning your iPad into a high quality laptop seemed obvious to us and we were shocked when we could not find any accessory that accomplished this. So we set out to make such a product from the highest quality materials that would compliment your iPad perfectly.

Of all the iPad-laptop solutions I’ve seen this is the best one, but I really don’t know if I like the whole concept. Why not use the iPad as it is and if you need more, use a laptop? With an iPad-laptop I can type better/faster and have a different viewing angle, but that’s it, right? I still have to touch the screen for navigation, so for coding for example, I still would be much slower than on an 11″ MacBook Air. And the next day I would have muscles soreness.

500px für iPad Update


• Retina Graphics: Updated for the new iPad

• Download HD Photos: Tap the Download button on a full-sized photo that is for sale in our Market

• Photo Location Support: See where geotagged photos were taken

• Improved Navigation: You can now find your photos, your favorite photos, and friends‘ photos by tapping „You“ in the sidebar

• Improved Search: use tags or photo names to explore 500px

• Improved NSFW filter

500px ist eine sehr schöne App mit der es echt Spaß macht Fotos zu durch stöbern. Jetzt gibt’s auch endlich Retina Unterstützung.

WordPress Blogging mit Blogsy für iPad

Der Name ist bescheuert und die App ist hässlich. Es ist trotzdem die beste Möglichkeit WordPress Blogeinträge vom iPad aus zu veröffentlichen. Man kann Artikelbilder vergeben und sogar Custom Fields anlegen. Die App unterstützt außerdem auch noch reichlich andere Dienste.

Wieso die offizielle WordPress App so hinterher hinkt verstehe ich nicht. Zum Kommentare beantworten ist sie top, danach hört’s aber auch schon auf. Sehr schade.