The Cinder Cone

Das ist einfach perfekt.

Neben der Dokumentation wird auch an einem (Foto-)buch gearbeitet, das man auf Kickstarter unterstützen kann. Macht das mal alle, ich möchte das haben. Danke!

HiLO Lens on Kickstarter

Sieht aus als wäre HiLO Lens eine ziemlich praktische Streetfoto Linse für das iPhone. Bin gespannt ob sie ihr Finanzierungsziel erreichen.

America: E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One)

Craig Semetko:

Documenting America from the 4th of July in Independence, CA to Inauguration Day in Washington DC…and (mostly) everything in between.

Meine Unterstützung ist ihm sicher.

‚Hunters‘ – A photography art book by David Chancellor

Yesterday I discovered the work of David Chancellor, especially his project on „the complex relationship that man has with animal in sub Saharan Africa, seen through the eyes of the tourist trophy hunter“. The documentary work is amazing and the topic very interesting.
So far the project was completely self funded by David. To print a limited edition of 2000 copies in cooperation with an dutch fine art publisher he needs the support of the photographic community. So I pledged $75 what will get me a signed 1st edition book as soon as it’s published. What hopefully will be in October.

Go on, watch the video below and support this great project.

Screencasting a Complete Redesign

Chris Coyier:

Hey folks! Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

I’m going to redesign

I’m going to turn it into an educational experience for everybody by screencasting the entire process.

By helping me out on Kickstarter, you get access to that library of screencasts, and more!

I just backed the Kickstarter project by Chris Coyier, who will screencast the whole redesign of his site CSS-Tricks. With your pledge you get access to all the screencasts in a private area on CSS-Tricks.
I’m really looking forward to see how he works and I’m sure I can learn a lot along the way.
So it’s not only a great way to support Chris going full time with CSS-Tricks but also a fun way to learn some new things.