Weekly Recap

Hello and welcome to another Weekly Recap. This week is a nice mix of CSS, Javascript and general topics. Let’s dive in:

  • Responsive Javascript
    Most of us know a lot more about responsive CSS than about responsive Javascript. So go ahead and have a look at this one-pager that answers questions like „What is Responsive Javascript?“ and „What are the Browser APIs?“.

  • Use zero-width spaces to stop annoying Twitter users
    Harry Roberts has a simple trick for you how to write @import or other @-statements in tweets without mentioning users.

  • CSS animation-fill-mode
    I recently searched for exactly that: Being able to stop an animation at 100% and don’t have it going back to 0%. Works in IE10 and newer and all the cool kids on the block. I also created a CodePen.

  • Adaptive Backgrounds
    Cool jQuery plugin that extracts dominant colors from images and applies them to their parent elements.

  • Single Line Comments (//) in CSS
    I’m writing CSS on a daily basis for years now and I wasn’t aware of CSS not really supporting single line comments. Probably because it always worked for me because I either didn’t minify my CSS in the past or Sass is now doing some magic for me which allows me to use single line comments. Either way, necessary read.

  • DevSwag
    Need some new webdev related stickers or T-Shirts? Here you go.

  • 30 years of Macintosh
    On Friday, January 24th 2013, the Macintosh turned 30. This is the video and page Apple put together to celebrate. Well done.

  • Sitespeed.io
    This is an awesome tool to analyze your sites performance and get helpful tips how to improve it. You need to handle it via the command line but it’s really worth to learn it.

Bartender – Mac Menu Bar Item Control

Bartender lets you organize your Menu Bar Apps, by hiding them, moving them to Bartenders Bar, or displaying the full menu bar, set options to have Menu Bar Apps show in the menu bar when they are updating, or have them always visible in Bartenders Bar.

Just bought the Mac app Bartender and my Menu Bar looks nice and clean. The app is really great even it’s still in Beta. This also means you can get it for 50% off until it is available as a 1.0.

SnapRuler for Mac Update

SnapRuler is a tool I use every day and don’t want to live without ever again. I wrote about it in the past and they just released an update with a bunch of nice new features.
For example, you can now hold down ctrl while making a selection to go into some kind of slow motion mode which makes it a lot easier to measure pixel perfect. Great app which is worth every penny. Get it today on the Mac App Store.

Coda 2 and Diet Coda will be available on May 24th


We made Coda 2 better at everything.

So it can make you better at everything.

There is a short video to get a first impression, but I really can’t say anything until I’ve tried it myself. There will also be Diet Coda – Coda for iPad.

I’m really excited about this update. I was waiting for it a long time and I really hope it will pay off.

500px Mac Uploader


Upload your best photos quickly and easily with the 500px Uploader.

Cool, 500px Mac Uploader App. Hier im App Store laden.

InstaBackup: Get your images out of Instagram

David Smith:

So I took a few hours to whip up a simple Mac app to backup your pictures. Login with your Instagram credentials and it will pull down all the images you have taken with Instagram.

Eine Mac App, die ein Backup eures kompletten Instagram-Archivs erstellt. Ich brauche das zwar nicht, da eh alle meine Fotos in iPhoto landen und damit auf dem Mac archiviert sind, aber vielleicht für den ein oder anderen spannend.

iPad as a Mac Retina Display

Matt Gemmell:

With the recently-released new iPad (3rd generation) being equipped with a Retina Display, there’s now only one major category of Apple device without a very high resolution screen: the Mac. We’re sure to get a Retina Display Mac before too much longer, but you can actually preview how OS X may look on such a device right now.

Matt Gemmell hat das neue iPad via Air Display als Retina Monitor für den Mac getestet und erklärt auch gleich wie es geht. Ich kann es leider nicht testen, da ich keinen Developer Account habe. Spannend ist es aber alle mal.

What you need to know about the Flashback trojan

Rich Mogull:

Flashback is the first widespread drive-by malware to attack Macs. This is one of the most pernicious attack techniques, which has long troubled Windows users, and it does represent a major advance.Most Mac malware hides itself inside software programs—such as pirated software, obscure games, or non-standard video players—that the average users is unlikely to install. Because it can infect a vulnerable computer without user interaction, Flashback is far more serious. As we’ve seen in the Windows world, this is an extremely effective technique.Intego says it has detected dozens of new variants in the past few days, which means the malware authors are working hard to extend the life of the infection.

Jeder der einen Mac hat sollte den Artikel lesen. Da steht alles was man zum Flashback Virus wissen sollte. Was er ist, was er macht, wo er herkommt und hier gibt es eine Anleitung um heraus zu finden, ob man ihn schon hat und falls ja, wie man ihn los wird.
Ich habe mein MacBook überprüft und alles ist gut. Werde jetzt noch ein paar Vorkehrungen treffen, die im Artikel empfohlen wurden um weiterhin Flashbackfrei zu bleiben. Ohne spezielle Antivirus-Software.

Osfoora for Mac Update

Osfoora für den Mac hat jetzt einen globalen Shortcut für einen neuen Tweet. Eine Funktion ohne die ich nicht mehr leben möchte und die – meines Wissens nach – bisher nur die offizielle Twitter App hatte.