Instagram Fakes Spreading Malware on Android Devices

The Next Web:

Sophos, the IT security and data protection company has a new warning on its Naked Security blog today that a fake Instagram app is infecting Android devices with malware.

This goes to show how fast the creators of dirty software can move as Instagram launched for Android users a few weeks ago hitting one million downloads in just 24 hours.

According to Sophos, malware authors are distributing their programs with applications cunningly disguised as the popular photo application

Total toll so eine offene Plattform.

What you need to know about the Flashback trojan

Rich Mogull:

Flashback is the first widespread drive-by malware to attack Macs. This is one of the most pernicious attack techniques, which has long troubled Windows users, and it does represent a major advance.Most Mac malware hides itself inside software programs—such as pirated software, obscure games, or non-standard video players—that the average users is unlikely to install. Because it can infect a vulnerable computer without user interaction, Flashback is far more serious. As we’ve seen in the Windows world, this is an extremely effective technique.Intego says it has detected dozens of new variants in the past few days, which means the malware authors are working hard to extend the life of the infection.

Jeder der einen Mac hat sollte den Artikel lesen. Da steht alles was man zum Flashback Virus wissen sollte. Was er ist, was er macht, wo er herkommt und hier gibt es eine Anleitung um heraus zu finden, ob man ihn schon hat und falls ja, wie man ihn los wird.
Ich habe mein MacBook überprüft und alles ist gut. Werde jetzt noch ein paar Vorkehrungen treffen, die im Artikel empfohlen wurden um weiterhin Flashbackfrei zu bleiben. Ohne spezielle Antivirus-Software.