Fujifilm X-E1 hands-on preview

If you can live without the cool Hybrid Viewfinder of the X100 and X-Pro 1, this could be your next mirrorless camera. Looks great, is smaller than the X-Pro 1, but has the same sensor size. And you can get it in all black.

I, for one will keep the X100 or maybe upgrade to an X200 when it’s coming out.

Fujifilm really has build up an incredible lineup with the X10, X100, X-Pro 1 and now X-E1.

Erste Fotos der neuen, spiegellosen Fuji aufgetaucht

Leica Rumors:

Based on the freshly leaked images, the upcoming Fuji mirrorless camera looks like a M9 rangefinder. The camera body and lens mount appear to be big enough to be full frame.

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