Fujifilm X-E1 hands-on preview

If you can live without the cool Hybrid Viewfinder of the X100 and X-Pro 1, this could be your next mirrorless camera. Looks great, is smaller than the X-Pro 1, but has the same sensor size. And you can get it in all black.

I, for one will keep the X100 or maybe upgrade to an X200 when it’s coming out.

Fujifilm really has build up an incredible lineup with the X10, X100, X-Pro 1 and now X-E1.

The new bookmarklet

Yesterday we released a new version of the QUOTE.fm bookmarklet. It looks better, gives more information about the article you are going to recommend and generally behaves more like the rest of QUOTE.fm. In the future it’ll also give you the ability to read an article now or later and even send it to your Kindle.

To use the all new bookmarklet you don’t need to do anything. Just use it like before, it’s automatically updates to the newest version.

First Look: Retina display MacBook Pro

Jim Dalrymple:

I tried to get the MacBook Pro to get hot enough to turn the fans on, but after a few hours of using it, the fans have still not turned on. Or if they have, I haven’t been able to hear them.

I’ve been doing regular work on the Retina MacBook so far like image editing, writing, email and browsing the Web. I used it on the desk and on my lap and there is no heat coming from the notebook at all. It seems to be a lot like the MacBook Air in that respect.

If that’s true, I’ll buy one.

Nobody will ask “How to add a recommendation?” again

Marcel Wichmann:

Eventually, we came up with a better solution. Paste the URL of the story you’d like to recommend into the “Add recommendation” form above your timeline, wait a second, select the passage you want to quote, pick a topic, add a comment, done. Easy as pie.

Don’t like bookmarklets? Don’t use Chrome? Then we have something new for your QUOTE.fm use. From now on you are able to add recommendations right from your timeline. Have fun with it!

Twitter’s new logo

Dustin Curtis:

This is definitely a huge improvement. The new bird feels like it’s flying.

Twitter dumped their lettering logo and replaced it with a redesigned bird. Dustin Curtis has a side by side comparison of the old and the new one. Sure, the latter looks more like it’s flying, but I think the old one looks nicer.
In my opinion the new one looks more heroic whereas the old one looks cuter. However, here is a short description of the new twitter logo by Doug Bowman, Creative Director at Twitter.

flickr introduces responsive photo page

flickr blog:

Flickr’s “liquid” design adjusts the photo page and image size based on the size of your browser window. With that your photos will look great on a laptop screen, and look even more stunning on larger screens.

While I was thinking about how my perfect photo sharing platform would look like, one of my first thoughts was that it should be responsive. So that’s definitely the right way to go. Applause flickr!
But I have to say the positioning of the ‚comments and faves‘ section is a bit strange.
There is also a blog post about the technical stuff.