Photos: Harz 2013, day 1

Somehow I managed to not show you the photos I took last year while Tatjana and I were in the Harz Mountains. We went there on vacation in autumn.

So over the next couple of days I will post the photos in journal style. Always one day at a time. Enjoy!

wolf_20131012_003 wolf_20131012_004

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In meiner Fotografie geht es um den entscheidenden Moment, den ich festhalte möchte. Für mich war aber ebenso schon immer wichtig, dass meine Fotos auch einfach optisch ansprechend sind. Mir reicht es nicht nur, einfach einen tollen Moment zu haben, ein Foto wird in meinen Augen erst dann richtig großartig, wenn die Komposition stimmt, das Licht passt, der Schnitt gut ist und das Foto dem Betrachter irgendein Gefühl vermittelt.

I wrote an article for the great german photography magazine kwerfeldein about my photos and my thoughts about street photography. Hope you like it.

Berlin weekend

Last weekend the team visited Berlin to talk about a lot of stuff without the distraction of our daily lives. It went very well and we had a really good time.
Some random photos from the weekend are following:

A family portrait

Two weeks ago I had a family portrait shooting. It was my first time making photos with kids and I had a lot of fun. And I think Leo did too.
If you think you’ve seen these faces before, it’s because you actually have. I photographed Lorena and Dennis wedding almost two years ago.
So enjoy the photos, I hope you like them as much as I do.

In a hole in the ground

Florian Letsch:

…there lived a hobbit. Yes, I have finally made it to Matamata, or should I say Hobbiton?

This. Is. So. Cool.

we are only young once

Anastasia Volkova:

у вас бывало такое чувство, что вы что-то безвозвратно теряете? если то, что бередит душу и не дает легко заснуть по ночам – ваше, оно никуда не денется. пусть станет другим, пускай трансформируется во что-то большее и просто новое, но оно будет всегда.

I don’t understand a single word, but I like her photos anyway.

The Cave photographed by Felix Meyer

If you follow my blog for some time you should know that I’m friends with Stefan and Stefan from Heimplanet. Those two guys build an inflatable tent that’s called „The Cave“. Felix Meyer had the opportunity to try it out last weekend and he made some brilliant photos. You should really head over to him and see the full series.

I really think the Heimplanet guys should talk to Felix to either buy some of his shots or commission him to do some more. They are the perfect ad pictures. Maybe some more images with people in it to show the lifestyle of the people who would buy it.

Last year while Stefan and Stefan did some tests on how much wind the tent can stand, I also did some shots, but not nearly as great as the ones from Felix. But for my defense I have to say that my job that day was to make a lot of detail shots.

Audi A1 Sportback part 3 by Felix Meyer

Felix uploaded part 3 of the Audi-A1-Sportback-Shooting. The images are amazing. They could easily be stills from a movie. I hope someone will give Felix money for doing photos like these in the near future.

Daily life: April 2012

The Big Picture:

The universality of our lives is never so evident as when we feature a collection of „slice of life“ photographs from around the world on The Big Picture.

Before I read the text I scrolled through the photos and that’s exactly what I thought. Have a look for yourself.

Photokinacontest: Wählt die Gewinner!

Erstmal möchte ich danke sagen für eure zahlreichen Einsendungen. 33 Leute haben mitgemacht, was mich sehr freut. Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich wie viele unterschiedliche Interpretationen in der Post Production entstehen.

Ich habe aus diesen 33 Photos meine zehn Favoriten gewählt. Wiederum aus diesen dürft ihr jetzt die fünf Gewinner wählen, bzw. jeder wählt einen. Allen Teilnehmern viel Glück und auf ein Treffen in Köln.

Update: Achja, die Umfrage läuft bis Sonntag, 22. August 2010, 23:59 Uhr.

Björn Lexius

Boris German

Felix Meyer

Luis D

Marcel Korstian

Marcus Hasart

Martin Huelle

Matthias Goscinski

Stefan Wensing

Sven Giegerich