Photos: Harz 2013, day 4

Day 4 of our vacation in the Harz Mountains last year.

wolf_20131015_001 wolf_20131015_003 wolf_20131015_008

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Photos: Harz 2013, day 2

Harz 2013, day 2
On our first whole day, we took a long walk through the countryside.

wolf_20131013_002 wolf_20131013_007 wolf_20131013_008 wolf_20131013_010

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Photos: Harz 2013, day 1

Somehow I managed to not show you the photos I took last year while Tatjana and I were in the Harz Mountains. We went there on vacation in autumn.

So over the next couple of days I will post the photos in journal style. Always one day at a time. Enjoy!

wolf_20131012_003 wolf_20131012_004

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Henning took this photo of me shooting a stone up close while the sun was going down over the sea.

And here is the result:

Fehmarn – Day 6

Yesterday the weather wasn’t as good as the previous days, but we were okay with that. We gave the rented bikes back, took a walk in the inner city of „Burg“, ate fish, saw the amazing Spider-Man, which we liked very much and at the end of the day ate ice cream.
Today the weather is even worse so I don’t know if there will be any more photos from Fehmarn, but I had a lot of fun shooting here and I like the series from yesterday very much although or even because there are no blue ocean shots.

Fehmarn – Day 5

Yesterday we only managed to ride about 22km. 11km in one direction and then the same distance back, but this time with adverse winds. It was awful. Anyway, I got some nice shots. See for yourself and leave a comment if you like.

Fehmarn – Day 4

Without further ado:

Fehmarn – Day 3

Yesterday we took our first tour with the rented bikes. We cycled 36km, so we saw enough to photograph. I don’t want to annoy my brother too much with stoping to take photos so I often took photos while riding the bike. I survided and two of the photos actually made it into this blog post.

The Fuji X100 is my constant companion. I’m once more impressed by it’s image quality and lightness. It’s a joy to photograph with if you know it’s flaws and how to work around them. I think it’s a camera with a soul and heart with an own volition. I love it.

Also a great companion on this trip as well as on our trip to italy is my Lowepro Passport Sling bag. Small but with an option to make it 30% bigger when you need it, light and easily customizable. At the moment I pass the inner, padded part and just throw the X100 and my other stuff in there. Really recommended.

Now let’s get to the photos which I hope you’ll enjoy. Have a nice evening.

Fehmarn – Day 2

We didn’t do much yesterday so there weren’t so many photo opportunities. We just took a walk, I burned my neck and we watched the Euro12 final. Anyway, two photos:

Fehmarn – Day 1

Yesterday my brother and I arrived at Puttgarden, Fehmarn. We will be spending one week here, just relaxing, cycling and photographing.