Open new iTerm2 tab in current directory

While I work on a project I usually need two iTerm tabs. One to start and monitor my grunt tasks and one for doing git. So every time I start working I have to navigate to a folder two times.
So I searched for a way to open a new tab with the current directory but didn’t find anything. (Yes, for most projects I have an alias, but it’s still more „work“.)
But what I did find instead was an option to always open a new tab with the current directory. And that’s all I need.

Go to Preferences -> Profiles -> General and under Working Directory choose Reuse previous session's directory.


Working at GitHub, a Reading List

I’m really interested in how other people and companies work. I like reading about their workflows and processes and am always looking to optimize my own workflow. In the last few weeks it became clear to me that what we are doing here at is actually building a company from the ground up, we’re not longer just individuals doing their own thing. We are in the position to define how we want to work as a team. That’s a great opportunity and also a great responsibility. It means trying things and always improving them.

I just finished reading a series of articles about how GitHub works. While I found that we here at innately are working a lot like the guys from San Francisco, I also got new input how we can improve.
So I encourage you to take some time and read the following stories.