Wie sich Microsoft den Gmail man vorstellt

Mary Jo Foley:

Microsoft managed to keep its 12,000 or so attendees of its annual Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference from tweeting and blogging company secrets last week. But at least one enterprising attendee managed to grab one of those infamous sales videos that the company loves to show at these events.

pahahaha, schaut euch das Video an. Der Gedanke dahinter ist natürlich nicht ganz verkehrt, und doch ist die Realität ja eine ganz andere. Es ist keine reale Person, die E-Mails liest und daraufhin den User anspricht, etc. (via)

Apple ist an allem Schuld!

Chris Rawson:

And how are we supposed to stop Apple when it rises, gargantuan, monolithic, from its long slumber beneath Cupertino’s bedrock to enslave us all? How can we battle against Apple and its legions of underaged factory workers when we’re all addled with brain cancer, deaf, unemployed, poor, terrified of crime, swimming for high ground, and so addicted to our iDevices that we don’t even notice when they report our locations to the Thought Police?

Ich lachte. Lest den kompletten Artikel!