Fotomarathon Hamburg – I’m in

Just signed up for the Fotomarathon Hamburg in September. I’m really looking forward to it, but I think it’ll be a really big challenge to shoot 24 good photos of a defined topic in just twelve hours. Let’s see how this turns out.

Documentary Photographer Daniel Milnor about his work

The great documentary photographer Daniel Milnor talks about both his reportage and children photography and gives some general tips on composition and more.

Shooting a wedding on film

Steffen Böttcher shot a whole wedding on film. I love it. I love the grain, dust and scratches. It’s photography with a soul.

Wildlife photographer’s image used in Apple’s new MacBook ad

Steve Bloom:

The picture has always been one of Bloom’s most popular, he explains. „It’s one of these pictures you can’t predict, because when you’re doing that kind of wildlife photography, you have no control over what’s happening. The moment you see it through your viewfinder, you have to react quickly and instinctively. It’s the sort of picture that has good commercial potential.“

Steve Bloom talks about the origin of the photo which is used as a wallpaper on the new retina MacBook Pro ads.

Photography Is An Enigma

Zack Arias:

I also want to thank the leaders in this industry who pretty much hung up their cameras to teach, sell stuff, and start web sites dedicated to helping people become the thing they stopped being in order to start websites and workshops to help people be what they aren’t anymore.

Zack Arias is on fire. I love it.

iPhone, Streetphotography, Instagram und Blurb

Schönes, inspirierendes Video von Richard Koci Hernandez. (via)